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When Harry Met Sally... - by Thompson Kim, February 26, 2020
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Author: Christina Lloyd
Biography: If ya gunna dip it, then ya better flip it..💙✨

Genre Drama. Nora Ephron. 95 min. Score 183006 Votes. Release Date 1989. Director Rob Reiner. It only took three months. 12 years and three months... So sad that we cant watch good movies,even bad recording quality on YouTube, for free ! Only free garbage ! That is why young Americans have no idea what good classical movies all about! ‘Hunger games” any one. And i said what about breakfast at tiffanies. I love the part when they go steal :p it's so cute and funny. 333.

Well then, hello lonely life. Was the older Rachel McAdams' character the older character from 27 Dresses? Also, Dementia concluded living is based on something not the Brain, yet, also, is Degenerative. Maybe Soclialist. Maybe Indian Spirituality. Maybe medicine.


Celebrities are like just like regular people, so it shouldnt come as a surprise. It's my first time to see the movie and I like it very much. When Harry first met Sally, Harry was attracted by Sally. However, Sally did not like him and even hated him. For such a relationship, or maybe no relationship built between them, you can't imagine they can became lover and eventually getting married. The story was very romantic. When they were friends, they talked everything, they shared, they accepted, understood and respected each other. I think it's very important for creating a harmonize relationship. I think this elements for creating a harmonize relationship are not limited between friends, they also apply to lover, couple, parents & children.

Ah, there WAS a time when movie stars were movie stars. YouTube. A womans body, perfect art. -I miss her
-I don't miss him, I really don't
-Not even a little?
-You know what I miss? I miss the idea of him
- sigh)Maybe I miss the idea of Helen (silent) No, I miss the whole of Helen
I Miss the Idea, and the Whole of Him
I have problems concentrating now. Every time I sit down at the desk and tries to engage myself in the TEM4 papers or linearity algebra exercises, or Spanish homework... I couldn't focus at thoughts wander, my eye sights blur, my heart beats fast at sight of him. br> I used to miss him when he's not around, but now parted as we are, I feel a flow of much stronger emotion towards him. I miss him even when he sits next to me.I glimpse at him secretly thorough the books; I smell the natural aroma sent out from his hair, his body when the wind breezes through the window; I listen eagerly to every single sound he utters: he sneezes, he clears his throat, he scratches his chair on the floor. br> When I connect to the internet, the first thing I do is to log on his homepage. I read his journals so many times that I could even recite some of them. I browse every pic of his and they are all downloaded into the deepest corner of my disk. I view every message other people have left on his message board and I get jealous of those handsome girls or boys saying something ambiguous to him. br> I begin to speak like him, with that Suzhou accent; I behave like him: walk with my back bowed and lower my head when looking at people; I listen to songs he listens, watch movies he watches, and read books he reads. br> I know it's wrong, I know it's stupid of me to continue caring for him, or even more, after we break up. I, I just cannot help it. I just can't be sensible. I miss him, not only the idea of him, but the whole of him.

The interviews are one of my favorite parts of When Harry Met Sally. They're so cute.
Look children its a landline.

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Sbdy knows where I can see this movie. That baby part is still hilarious. I love watching this movie. It was an good movie. Carrie is the absolute worst. #3 “Maybe its time you come out from under your rock” :joy.



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